A downloadable game for Windows

This is a leap motion controlled flight simulator action adventure game that uses _optional_ custom hardware based upon Texas Instruments launchpad. You mission is to defend your island from pirate attack by bombing pirate ships. The optional custom hardware provides you with a "power" glove that vibrates when signal is lost to the leap motion controller. If you don't have a leap motion device, you can use a game pad or keyboard.

This is an experimental game that is trying out leap motion and custom DIY hardware. You would need to build your own custom hardware which would cost around $20 with full build details given.

Depending on how things go, it could be the start of something bigger :)

Install instructions

This is an unreal engine 4 game. Just unzip and run the exe.

Leap Motion Control

You can use a leap motion device to control pitch, yaw and speed. You move your hand forward to increase speed.

Mouse Control

You use the mouse button to fire.


WASD keys for pitch and yaw. Space bar for speed. Enter key for fire. If you have leap motion plugged in, you WASD key won't work.

Gamepad (only tried with xbox one

Left joystick for pitch and yaw. B button to fire. Right trigger for speed. If you have leap motion plugged in, you WASD key won't work.


Bombardier.zip 64 MB


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awesome game